Boudoir photography

Boudoir is an experience you will likely never forget.  When else do we have the opportunity to celebrate our womanhood by getting our hair and make up done to the max and playing sexy dress-up?!?  You will leave your shoot feeling pampered and glamorous, like a Hollywood star.  This is all about YOU and feeling amazing, like you deserve.  As your photographer, I not only want you to feel more beautiful than ever but I also want you to feel comfortable, relaxed and have fun! The following information will help you prepare for your shoot and let you know what to expect.
 Boudoir shoots require many hours of preparation and coordination before hand, so if you need to reschedule your shoot for any reason, please notify me with as much advance time as possible.  This is particularly important if you are scheduled with my hair and make-up artist.  Your shoot will be two hours long, which includes time for a brief discussion of ideas, outfit changes, and hair/make up touch-ups. If you are using my hair and make-up artist, please arrive one hour before your scheduled shoot for application. After your shoot, I will sort through all of our images and put all of the "good ones" in a password protected online gallery and email you the link. You will then begin the process of choosing your favorite 25 images for me to retouch. Once I receive your choices I will begin working on your photos. It generally takes two weeks to complete them all unless we have worked out another timeline. You will have a chance to review your images and request additional edits before I design your gift album or premier portrait. (Some clients opt to have me pick the images for them because they feel they are their worst critic. If that is the case, do not hesitate to let me know and I will gladly choose for you.)
Everyone has their own vision of what they expect their photos to look like.  Feel free to email me any examples of photos you find on your own that you like and that reflect your style.  Browse my albums on my Pinterest and Facebook pages. Even doing a simple Google search of "boudoir photography" will yield plenty of results.  Of course I have many ideas of my own and will put my individual touch on your photos but this is one of the most important things you can do to receive photos that are to your specific liking.

Chances are you've never done this before....even if you have maybe once before it's not something you are used to. A great way to "practice" is to make your "sexy faces" in the mirror. Laugh all you want but this is a great way to identify what "Faces"you like on yourself and want to use during your shoot! I suggest these three typical looks: smiling/laughing/flirty sexy, smirky/cocky/sarcastic sexy and serious sexy. My #1 tip: when going for "Serious sexy" be sure to leave your lips parted a bit. This will take away the "sternness"of your look. Go ahead, look at yourself seriously in the look mad don't you? Now part your lips a bit and do it again. Not mad! You can find many examples of this look in any glamor, fashion or clothing magazine. Perhaps you think your smile looks fake? Maybe you look cute biting your lip or smirking! Or maybe you like all of the looks! Having an idea of what facial expressions you like before you get to your shoot is best practice. Then we won't have to spend much time figuring that out during our two hours. The time goes by fast!

Remember, sexy doesn't always mean less clothing.  You can be fully nude or mostly dressed and still create a provocative image.  Bring along the appropriate clothing to achieve the looks you have in mind.  Bring items you feel comfortable, beautiful and sexy in. Choose items that improve your body image.  You want to accentuate your favorite features and minimize any “trouble” areas. Be sure you try everything on ahead of time to make sure you look great all around in the outfits you choose.  Here are some items you may want to bring along:
Lingerie- Bra/pantie set, corset and panties, vintage night gown or slip, teddy, garter and stockings, bustier, something thin and transparent, fishnets, thigh highs, personalized/printed undies, boy shorts
Shawl, cover up or jacket (such as leather or denim) left slightly open
Cowboy boots and hat
Sexy costume
Favorite pair of jeans to go topless in (you can use your arms to cover your breasts and/or stomach if you choose to do so)
Garter belt, veil or other wedding items (for brides-to-be)
Don’t forget to bring accessories for each outfit.  I do have some accessories and props at the studio but I encourage women to bring their own that they know they love.  Any style jewelry works, from chunky to elegant.  If you’re going for a dramatic look, try rhinestone/costume jewelry, chandelier earrings, even a bracelet.  Bring options and we can work with it.  For an understated look, small earrings/studs and a simple necklace that has significance ads a really nice touch.  You don’t have to wear jewelry, but often it’s lovely to add. Be sure to bring shoes, as they can be just as important as underwear!  It’s amazing what a great pair of shoes can do for a boudoir shoot.  Sultry heels do wonderful things for a sexy outfit!
If your photos will be given as a gift, I strongly encourage you to bring along some of the recipient's favorite things and/or personal items. The possibilities are endless.  Whatever your man loves, bring it and we will find a way to incorporate it.  This truly provides an extra special touch to the photos.  Here are some of his things you may want to bring along:
Button down dress shirt
Hats (fedoras and baseball caps are favorites)
His favorite t-shirt (This looks great with a cute pair of panties.  Add a fun pair of knee high socks for a playful element.)
Tool belt or other tools of his trade
Sports items such as a jersey, hat, even an actual football, set of golf clubs or other sports equipment/gear
A bottle of his favorite liquor or his favorite drink in the appropriate glass
A musical instrument he plays such as a guitar or drum sticks
A few bags of his favorite candy (the more the better)
Great makeup is a must, so if you have chosen to do it yourself, spend some extra time so that you look stunning.  Think eyes, cheeks, lips.  Make sure you have all three, plus a great base of foundation that matches your neck color.  False lashes are strongly recommended to add drama to your photos. Photography makeup tends to be a little on the heavier side than what you would apply day to day but that is because the flash takes away a bit of the heaviness and creates a sensual dramatic look.  Don’t go too wild on the hairspray.  Natural with a little oomph is perfect.  Great hair is just as important as fabulous make up, so if you think you need a little help with your hair, get it done or ask a friend who’s gifted at it.  Whether you choose to do your hair and makeup yourself or have it done by someone else, don't forget to bring along anything necessary to do touch-ups through out your shoot.
Be sure to get a good night sleep the night before your session and eat lightly through out the day to avoid being bloated. Don't forget to wax, shave, tweeze and/or bleach (do this the day before in case it leaves redness behind)!  Feel free to bring anything else that will make you feel comfortable and will help you to have a good time during your shoot, perhaps your ipod, a bottle of wine, even a friend. Bringing a friend is SO MUCH FUN! They will be there to support you, share their ideas, act as my assistant, etc....The more eyes the better!
I look forward to meeting with you and getting started!  It is normal to be a bit nervous or self conscious before your shoot but please keep in mind that through good lighting, posing and post processing, we can "fix" just about any flaw you are worried about. I assure you, you will look and feel like a million bucks when you see your photos!  If you have any questions or comments, please contact me via any of the options listed below.