Wedding videos are an excellent way to capture great moments from the day, which you are not always able to take in as it's happening. They help preserve the essence of the day, and send these documented moments out to our loved ones.
Here is a comprehensive list of information about how we make wedding videos!
What does a wedding video consist of?
There are many options! The two main types are: the 'highlight video' - which is a highly edited 1.5 to 12 minute video with music, which you can send to friends and family or post to social media...or the 'documentary edit' which is a longer cut, 45min-2hrs, and covers all the footage from the day, which is for your personal viewing. Or, you can get both! There are a few suggested packages at different price points, but each is totally customizable. Email me here to learn more.
Can we talk with you about doing a video?
Yes! I am happy to meet and discuss working together, or set up a phone or Skype call.
How long will you be shooting for?
Up to you. I will shoot for a minimum of four hours, with standard coverage being in the 6-10 hour range.
What will you be filming?
Anything you'd like! I can shoot preparation, ceremony, photos, cocktail hour, reception - but also, anything from the weeks leading up, rehearsal dinner, interviews with guests at the wedding, after-party, you name it.
How much will this cost?
We have a wide range of packages starting at $1,250. Standard packages are in the $2000-3500 range, with high end options available as well. Let's talk about your needs and we can find an arrangement that feels right for you.
Do you travel?
I love traveling, and am happy to visit wherever for your wedding. Anything within 1 hr of Providence is included in any package. Beyond that, it's $50/hr for driving. If you have a destination wedding, reach out and we can discuss how pricing for that works.
What do you use for music?
I either use royalty free music, or licensed music (at ~$60/song), so that we (or you) don't get slammed with copyright infringement fees. Most pop songs can cost thousands of dollars just to get permission to use, so we stay away from that. If you see a wedding video with a pop song, they are likely just hedging their bets they don't get caught.
How do we decide music?
We can discuss your musical interests, and then I will choose appropriate music for the video, unless you'd prefer to do that yourself. If so, I can point you towards a few sites where you can make selections.
What video format do you shoot in?
I always shoot in High Definition (HD) 1920 x 1080p, at 23.976 fps. This allows for a high quality film aesthetic.
Do you offer aerial video?
Yup! HD video from a drone camera is available as an add-on to the packages.
How do you deal with lots of light or low light?
If there is lots of light, I use a variable ND filter so the image doesn't wash out. Sometimes, very bright shots can even give a nice visual flair. If the venue is dimly lit, no problem! My lenses are also prepared for low light situations.
What is your working style?
I am friendly and available, highly engaged and attentive to what's going on, and yet as unobtrusive as possible
Can I see a sample video?
Absolutely. Click here.
What actually goes into the making of this?
Consultations, planning out timing, coordinating audio with venues, traveling to location, shooting the wedding, capturing audio, importing the footage, syncing audio to video, selecting music, watching through footage, first round of selects, choosing best clips, making use of b-roll, adding transitions, arranging files, timing to the music, color correction, adjusting exposure and saturation, letterboxing, titles, viewing rough cut, re-editing to final, rendering, exporting, uploading, sending, burning, mailing. It's a big project!
How do we get our video?
We offer digital delivery via Vimeo or Dropbox, as well as send a DVD or flash drive. Additional copies are available as an add-on as well. 
Why should we work with you?
My investment in video work is to benefit others and highlight moments of joy and connection. These videos make couples happy and are fun and meaningful to have for friends, family, and future generations. I want you to like your video! So let's work together to manifest your hopes.
Cool, I'm ready to do this. What do I need to do before wedding day?
Please check with DJ, wedding venue, band, church or whoever is taking care of sound and ask them if they can provide an audio output to the videographer. If you prefer, you can send me their info, and I can definitely be in touch with them directly.
Do we feed you?
Yes please :) These tend to be long days, and we all need fuel to work.
What is the deposit? 
The deposit to reserve videography services is $500. If you are hiring us for photography also, please know that two separate deposits are required.
Do you use second shooters?
I can! It is certainly not necessary. It is helpful for shooting "getting ready" in two locations, or if you are interested in the multi-cam aesthetic. In general, it's just extra money for not much gain.
Could we have the raw footage?
There's a lot of "getting the shot ready" such as footage of the ground as I walk to get into position, so I don't release raw footage. If you'd like to view a long-cut of the day...that's what we call the "documentary edit"
How long will it take to see my video?
It will take 4-6 weeks. Rush editing in 2 weeks is available as well.