1.) The photo booth scrapbook replaces your guest book. Who needs a book with a list of names it is anyway? You'll get one of those at your funeral. There's no better time to feel alive than on this very day!

2.) The photo booth gives your guests a fabulous favor to take home! Trust me, all those tea light candles, bags of mints and candied apple favors will all be thrown away when you're not looking! But people LOVE their photo booth strips! They will grace their fridges for months to come! Your guests will also receive a URL to download their photo booth image for additional printing!

3.) The photo booth will definitely raise the overall energy in the room. It gives your guests something to do other than dance. I know it's hard to believe, but not everyone likes to dance! So, if you're looking to really throw a party then you must have a photo booth! Often times, the props actually encourage those non-dancers to get out on the dance floor with their funny masks, hats and glasses! And we are okay with that!

4.) The scrapbook we build gives you immediate gratification. Every bride and groom is anxious to see their wedding photos but you always have to wait! When you rent our photo booth, we take one strip from each group who enters and build you a hilarious scrapbook willed with pictures and messages from your guests that you get to take home THAT DAY!

5.) The photo booth also guarantees you will have some fabulous photos of your guests. The photographer will obviously be going around the tables to snap pictures but not everyone is comfortable with that. Sometimes people are eating or drinking or they're blocked by a tall centerpiece and would definitely act more like themselves behind the curtain of the photo booth. Its always good to have more memories of people just being themselves!

 Convincing, huh?