Mike Nelson

Position: Marketing Manager & Second Shooter

Hey there I'm Mike Nelson and I'm the owner/operator of Lean Out Kickboxing. I have been involved in the martial arts & fitness industry for over 15 years helping other reach their health and fitness goals. I know what you may be thinking.....Then how did you end up working for a professional photography company?

Well funny enough I met Stacy because came to one of my kickboxing classes! We naturally hit it off and became  great friends! After a handful of years I grew my business to a point where I no longer had to work 50+ hours a week because I had staff doing it for me. Then one day I came across Stacy’s Facebook post saying that she was looking to hire a part time marketing manager. After all I had learned from owning my own business, I knew these same concepts and ideas would naturally help Stacy Smith Studios grow as well! I immediately contacted her to set up a time to discuss  joining her already awesome team. With that being said I'm proud to say for the last three years I’ve had the pleasure of working for Stacy as her digital marketing manager and second shooter.  

We grew so much she actually took me under her "photography wing" and taught me all there is to know about shooting weddings so that I could be a second shooter. I couldn't be more grateful to be part of such an incredible and successful company. I have learned so much from Stacy and love being part of capturing such wonderful moments with her and the team!