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 Beautiful Boudoir By Stacy Smith

**Some of the photographic content in our boudoir gallery may not be suitable for children under the age of 18**

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This is one thing we take very seriously here at Stacy Smith Studios. As a woman I understand wanting to feel beautiful, desired, flawless, unique, and just plain Sexy! Often times we feel overlooked, we are too busy doing for everyone else to pay attention to ourselves.

RI Boudoir

We are Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Aunts, Wives, Lovers….but above all we are WOMEN! Our femininity can get lost in the every day hustle and bustle. Nothing feels better than when someone takes a great picture of you and you say, “Damn I look good in this picture!!!” Boudoir Photography is aimed at capturing that feeling on many different levels.

You can always gift your images to someone special.....but I say, just do it for yourself!!! One day you will look back at them and be proud of yourself just for being brave enough to take those photos! If you have someone special in your life you want to give these photos to, I would suggest having Stacy design you a custom boudoir album!

Newport RI Boudoir

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A keepsake to treasure…a little secret between the two of you…something personal, intimate and sacred that you did just for them! Trust me ladies, men love this gift! I specialize in making you feel as sexy, playful and intimate as you feel comfortable.

Planning specific ideas prior to your shoot will allow us to make the best use of the time we have to accomplish your goals! Planning on giving these photos to someone special? Think about things they like or do frequently, ideas that will turn them on! Confiscate personal items to include in your photos!

Cranston Boudoir

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Please feel free to bring as many props as you’d like! Get creative! It’s as fun as you make it! Stacy Smith Studios has everything you need for beautiful Boudoir photos:beautiful backdrops, sexy furniture, fun props and a variety of jewelry and outfits you are welcome to use. (You still must bring your own belongings.)

Want your photos done in another setting you feel more comfortable in? No problem! I will also travel to you! After all, it’s about YOU! So I hope you are excited now that I’ve got you thinking! You should be! I look forward to making you look and feel Simply Gorgeous, Darling!

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