2021 "Meet The Grinch" Sessions



This scene is filled with BRIGHT COLORS just like in the movie! Décor galore! It took us about 50hrs to build this set!!! There areWhoville houses on either side, a giant Whoville tree and Mount Crumpet straight ahead! If you booked with the Grinch he will be waiting in there for you! We will ask you ahead of time if you want him to be present when your kids enter OR if you want him to hide & sneak up behind them as we take their pics. BEWARE your kids may cry or get upset but we all know that can be hilarious! It’s your choice! We're SO excited for you to experience this!
















Please read through ALL of this!

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1.) When are the 2021 "Meet The Grinch" sessions?

These sessions will be held on the following dates:

October 6th-10th, 2021


2.) Where are the Grinch sessions located?

LOCATION: Stacy Smith Studios 4 Warren Ave North Providence. Below is a photo of the entrance. Please park out front, come in that door and up the stairs to the lobby area where you can wait to be called in for your turn.

*** Please make sure your navigation takes you to NORTH Providence. Not EAST Providence. This has happened before!


3.) How many people does the session fee cover?

The fee is for up to 6ppl. Each additional person is $20. No splitting sessions. Pets are welcome free of charge as long as they are well behaved, friendly and house broken. Keep in mind other people may be coming in and out with their pets as well.


4.) What if I am late or have to cancel my session?

If you are late and we have someone after you your session will be cut short. Refunds are only given if the studio needs to cancel your session. If you cancel you lose your deposit. You may schedule based on availability. ****IF YOU ARE FEELING SICK IN ANY WAY PLEASE DO THE RESPONSIBLE THING AND CANCEL***


5.) When will I receive my gallery?

Galleries are delivered via email within 3-5 days Be sure to save “stacy@stacysmithstudios” in your contacts so our email doesn’t end up in your spam.


6.) How many photos do I get?

These sessions come with 5 retouched images of your choice. Photos are edited and delivered to you within TWO WEEKS from the time you submit your choices. You will be emailed instructions on how to download them right onto your own gallery from your gallery. They are high-res and logo free. You do NOT get to keep unedited images.


7.) Can I buy more images?

Yes, additional images may be purchased. Individuals are $20/each or you can get 5 for $75, 10 for $100 or 15+ for $7/each.


8.) What if my kids don’t cooperate?

We do NOT issue refunds for uncooperative children. We will do what we can with the time we have to get them to smile or perhaps give them an activity to do within the set that will result in good photos. If necessary we can do some face-swapping in photoshop to merge photos together but this cannot be guaranteed and may require a longer turn around time. If we have absolutely NO LUCK with your kid(s) during your session I will try to offer you a second session if there are still spots available.


9.) How do I pay my balance?

We ask that you please bring CASH to your session to pay your balance. We will have change on hand. We will also accept Venmo. Credit/debit cards will NOT be accepted to pay your balance.


10.) Where can I get holiday cards printed?

You can get your photos printed anywhere! We suggest using websites like “Snapfish,” “Mpix,” “Minted” or “Shutterfly.” Walmart and Walgreens are also available but NOT NOT GO TO CVS. Professionally edited photos are not compatible with their software and your cards will come out highly pixelated and grainy.


11.) Can we bring more than one outfit?

We do have a dressing room for you to use. You may change outfits but your time will NOT be extended for this so keep in mind it will take a few minutes away from shooting.


12.) What COVID-19 precautions are we taking?      

Only one family will be allowed in at a time so you will only be close to those you are around all the time. You may run into other families in the lobby so if you don't feel safe then bring your masks. Stacy and her assistant will wear a mask upon request sets will be disinfected in between sessions. The Grinch is wearing a real prosthetic movie quality mask tat is glued to his face using a special adhesive. Therefore, he cannot wear a "COVID mask" and you will need to sign a waiver stating that you are okay with this and give your children permission to take the images. The Grinch, along with Stacy and her assistant, will get tested the day before we start our sessions and one additional time during the seven day period that the sessions run for.