Fitness Competitor Session Rates


 ~30min Feature Photo Session~


One Outfit
Online Gallery of proofs for viewing delivered within 24hrs
5 retouched high-res images of your choice to keep
48hr turnaround from time of choosing
$50 deposit required to book
This session is offered at our studio only



~1hr Fitness & Boudoir Session~


Up to 3 Outfits
Online Gallery of proofs for viewing delivered within 24hrs
10 retouched high-res images of your choice to keep
48hr turnaround of Feature Photo
1wk turnaround of remaining images from time of choosing
$100 deposit required to book
This session is offered at our studio or a nearby location of your choice

**See Q&A below for location options and suggestions



~2hr Fitness & Boudoir Session~


Up to 6 Outfits
Online Gallery of proofs for viewing delivered within 24hrs
20 retouched high-res images of your choice to keep
48hr turnaround of Feature Photo
2wk turnaround of remaining images from time of choosing
$150 deposit required to book
This session is offered at our studio or a nearby location of your choice
***Additional location may be added for $100. Travel time is additional to shooting time.

**See Q&A below for location options and suggestions

♥♥♥Body Rock & Xtreme Core Fitness Members get a $100 discount on the 2hr session ♥♥♥

*No splitting sessions*






♦ When should you do your shoot?

My advice is to schedule your session within the two weeks before your show. If you plan to maintain your diet you can certainly do it after but if your Coach wants a "Feature Photo" you will not be able to provide him/her with that before your show. Also keep in mind that your competition spray tan may begin to awkwardly fade a few days after the show and that is IMPOSSIBLE to fix in editing so plan accordingly.

**I am NOT AVAILABLE April 4th-9th, 2018 to do shoots since I will be in Los Angeles for my own show!


♦ Do you want all fitness photos, sexy photos or a mix of each?

I think a mix is the way to go but it's up to you! You can make this whatever you want it to be but have a clear vision of what you want PRIOR to the shoot!

See our Boudoir Gallery here for "Sexier" images----->


♦ How can you show us your ideas?

Follow Stacy Smith Studios on Pinterest (, create a board for your own ideas and add us a collaborator. You can even make your board private so only we can see it. If you don't want to use Pinterest please email ideas to or send in Facebook messenger.


♦ Should you take photos in your competition bikini, gown and/or themewear?

I did and I'm glad I did. You certainly don't have to but if you want to, we will do both quickly and count it as one outfit change. Please let me know the color ahead of time so I can plan for backgrounds.


♦ What kind of outfits/shows/accessories should you bring?

PLEASE be as organized as possible! Don't just bring a bag filled with stuff. We will waste your time trying to figure out what goes with what. Try everything on ahead of time so you know what goes with what and you're sure you like it. Do not hesitate to email or text over pictures and I will let you know what I think. Lingerie, off the shoulder sweaters, sexy dresses, anything high fashion, bodysuits, other one piece outfits, leather pants and jackets, half shirts/crop tops, wife beaters, robes.....can all be sexy. For fitness shots bring tight yoga pants or shorts with matching sports bras, zip up or cropped sweatshirts/hoodies, sneakers, wifebeaters plain/cropped/ripped up, etc. For accessories be sure to bring a few pairs of heels to match your outfits which will also help elongate your legs and accentuate your leg muscles. Tall boots are also sexy! Keep jewelry simple unless you have a big statement piece you want to plan a shot around. Big earrings and long necklaces work well. If you want to give any of these photos to a significant other as a gift perhaps grab something of theirs to incorporate like a sports jersey, button down shirt, suit jacket, work shirt, workbelt/tools, anything they would love to see you in or something that represents your relationship to them!


**You may also want to bring some resistance bands and a handful of candy to snack on at your session for a muscle pump and increasing vascularity.


♦ What locations are available for your shoot?

Our studio is located in North Providence and is available for all sessions. We offer a variety of scenes, backdrops and furniture. Outdoors is also fun, especially for the fitness side of your session. Outside of Body Rock is very cool with all the brick walls and vines, urban settings with graffiti or your personal gym are also great ideas. The upstairs Body Rock gym may also be used per availability.


Other locations that come to mind are:

-Colt Stat Park: paths, stone walls, rocks, docks, beach with sunset (faces the west)

-Beavertail Jamestown: big vast rocks and waves crashing

-Black Point/Scarborough Beach: ruins, long paths, vast rocks, sandy beach, beach grass, cliffs

-Lincoln Woods: lake, large boulders, lots of woods/tall trees

-RI State House: marble architecture/columns, cityscape background, stone walls/steps with vines, cool trees

-Abandoned Buildings

-Old mill buildings

-Railroad tracks

-Hotel room (Nylo/Hotel Providence have cool rooms)


♦ Should you get a spray tan?

Tanning definitely makes you feel alive. Nobody likes being pasty! So a spray tan is definitely good for that reason but just know you may not look as tan in your photos because of the lighting.


♦ What's the deal with hair and makeup?

Our HMU artist is available and can do your hair and makeup right at the studio prior to your session but you may use whomever you'd like. Your person is also welcome at the studio. I highly suggest getting the makeup. Makeup from Amanda is $75 which includes airbrush and $15 additional for lashes. Hair styling is $25. Once you book I will connect you with Amanda so you can discuss your vision with her and she will take a deposit to secure the spot. If you do not submit your deposit she cannot guarantee her services so please make sure you do this right away.


Check out her work :

***If you want TWO different looks for your session you will have to discuss this with both Stacy and the HMU artist regarding pricing and timing.


♦ What do we have for fitness props?

At the studio we have large battle ropes, kettle bells, dumbbells, a stability ball, a decline bench, a yoga mat, a pull up bar, boxing gloves & wrist wraps. I can obtain other items upon request. I also have baby oil/body glycerin available for achieving the "sweaty" look.


♦ What else do we offer?

In our private dressing room is a clothing rack with a variety of lingerie, robes, furs, hats, jewelry, shoes and random accessories and items such as sports bras, a leather jacket, a white button down shirt, sports jerseys, dresses, etc, that are available for you to use. However, we cannot guarantee we will have exactly what you want or that it will fit so be sure to bring all your own items. If you are looking for something in particular please don't hesitate to ask and if we have it you are welcome to use it or if we can obtain it we certainly will!


♦ Can I bring a friend to my shoot?

Absolutely! Bring a friend for support and advice and we will all have a blast! I will use your friend as an assistant! if competitors want to come together that's fine also. We can take turns taking photos to give you a break BUT the session itself will not be split price wise.


♦ How do you book your shoot?

Contact us via email ( or phone (Call or text 508-450-1009) to schedule a day and time. We will then instruct you to submit your deposit to reserve your spot. The remaining balance is due at or before your session. If you decide to get professional hair and makeup you will be connected with the available artist at the time of booking where you can speak with her to discuss her pricing. She will also require a deposit. If you do NOT submit a deposit, your spot will not be held by Stacy Smith Studios or the HMU artist.


♦ What's the turn around on the photos?

Within 24hrs I will sort your images, edit a few samples and email you a link to your own private online gallery where you will pick your feature photo right away so that I can get that edited and returned to you and your Coach within 24hrs. It will be one week max delivery for 1hr sessions and two weeks max delivery for 2hr sessions.


How long will my gallery remain up? Can I share with it with others? What if I want more photos than what comes with my session?

Your gallery will remain up for 2yrs and can be shared with anyone you give the link and password to. Additional digitally retouched images are available for $40 each, 10 for $250 or 25 for $500.


♦ What kind of poses and facial expressions will you have to do?

I've got you covered ladies! Do NOT stress about this. I am both a fitness competitor/model and photographer with ample experience on both sides of the camera. I will guide through the entire session, poses, faces and all! Think about the areas of your body you want to accentuate and what parts you may feel self conscious about. I will always be honest about what's flattering for you and what's not. You also don't have to look right at the camera for all your pictures. Send me ideas you like and we can focus on doing our own variations of those and I'm always coming up with more ideas as we move along!



** Sexy black bodysuits (For Body Rock Members' Feature Photos):


**Many of these sites have a variety of black bodysuits. Just type "bodysuit" in the search tab. Remember this is a bodysuit and NOT lingerie. Your Feature Photo will be posted on social media so please keep that in mind when choosing your suit. Be sure you can see what the back looks like prior to ordering. I would order TWO different ones in case you don't like one of them.