Shawn Thomas Brady

POSITION: Stacy's other half! Lead Camera!

Shawn Brady Rhode Island Photographer


Well hello there! My name is Shawn and let me first say I am truly honored and humbled to have become a part of this hard working team of Professionals. Stacy is one of the most wonderful individuals I know and she is also one of the most amazing artists I am associated with. I am blessed to have her as my friend and as an artistic influence as well. My hopes are to bring my camera talents, my positive vibes and my creative twists to an already strong organization here at Stacy Smith Photography and capture and create wonderful images that will last you an eternity!

Photography is my Passion and I am truly blessed to have the talent of being able to capture those precious moments that can bring us all back to the important times in our lives. Early on in my career at UMass Dartmouth, when taking a Photography Class as an elective, I found that my photography work stood out from most and the attention and praise I humbly received allowed for me to see that Photography was the path I was meant to be on.

It goes without saying, photography indeed had found me. I switched majors and never looked back. I then proceeded to get lost in a Dark Room for the next four years and created some beautiful art work and began the path that has led me to become the Photographer I am today. I graduated with a degree in Photography and Electronic Imaging from the University of UMass Dartmouth in 2002 and since then I've been involved with many different areas of Photography. (Wedding Photography being my Favorite area!)

When I'm not taking pictures I enjoy skiing, hiking, building things, travel and spending time with my family. I've had some amazing experiences shooting some really cool events and weddings over the last thirteen years. I love being a Photographer and the joy I receive from capturing these moments in a classic, yet unique fashion, means everything to me as an Artist. I hope I can be a part of capturing some of the moments that will last forever with you and your loved ones! Cheers!