Saturday, March 2nd from 9am-5pm at our studio!
Now is the perfect time to set new goals for your business and pave the way for a successful year ahead. One way you can implement that is by sprucing up your professional presence. Having a high quality headshot is crucial for establishing credibility in today's digital world. Remember, first impressions are everything. A professional headshot is an investment in your career that will help you showcase your brand, stand out from the competition and make a lasting impression on potential clients and employers.
At our Professional Portrait Day I will be offering professional head shots at a discounted rate of $195 (normally $250).
These sessions are 20min long and come with two retouched high-res images of your choice.
You can utilize up to two backgrounds and do one shirt change if you'd like. (scroll down for options)
*Payment is due in full at time of booking and is nonrefundable unless we (or you) can fill the spot. You can also reschedule to a different day but will be be charged the normal rate of $250. That remaining balance of $55 will be due on the day you come in.
*Professional hair and makeup with the amazing Kristin Greene, owner of Kristin Greene & Company, is available for the afternoon appointments only.
(This is an additional charge.)
There are THREE options to choose from:
1.) HMU TOUCH-UP ($50/15min): Must arrive with hair and makeup done to your liking. Kristin will enhance your eyes, powder your face and apply lashes. She will also recurl or straighten some pieces of hair in the front of your face. *ONLY 15MIN!!!
2.) FULL HAIR & MAKEUP ($100/1hr): Must arrive with dry hair and clean face, ready for makeup application. Kristin will provide hair styling (curls or straightening, no extensions or up-dos) and full makeup application with lashes
3.) MEN'S TOUCH-UP ($35/15min): Hair styling and airbrush makeup to even out skin tone and reduce shine
When you request your booking, please leave a note stating which HMU service you would like. When I approve your booking, I will let you know what time to arrive for your HMU. Your headshot might be booked for a certain time on my booking app, but you will likely come in earlier for your HMU application.


1.) What should I wear? Try your outfit on ahead of time and make sure it flatters your body type and that you like it! Also be sure your outfit matches at least ONE background pictured above. I think it's nice to have one more dressy top and another more casual top.
2.) What if I have to cancel/reschedule? Since this is a ONE DAY event, your payment is nonrefundable. If you cancel, you do not get a refund. If you need to reschedule, you can move your appt to a different day, but you will no longer get the discounted rate. A payment of $55 will be due when you do come in (for a total of $250 instead of $195).
3.) Can I bring props and do a branding image? Feel free to bring anything you'd like, but you only get two backgrounds and two retouched images included in the price. If you want something more elaborate, please email me at and we can discuss your ideas. If there's availability, maybe we can work out something else out!
4.) What is the entire process/turn around I can expect? I will sort through all your images and edit ONE SAMPLE. These images will be uploaded into an online gallery and I will send you a link by March 5th (three days after your session). You get two choose your two favorite images for me to retouch. Based on the sample I edited, you can provide me with feedback on what you like, don't like, want more of, or less of.
5.) Can I purchase additional images? Yes, additional images can be purchased for $45 each.
6.) What if I don't know what background(s) to use? I will make suggestions based on your outfit, skin tone and hair color if you are unable to decide.
7.) Where is the studio located and is there parking? The studio is located at 4 Warren Ave North Providence. We are conveniently located near Rte44/I295 and Rte6/I95. We are right up the street from RICC! There is plenty of parking right out front. Just park right there, come in this door pictured below and up the stairs to the studio.
8.) Should I smile in my pictures? Yes! You want to look approachable. I will position you! Then all your have to do is relax your shoulders and smile fully, with your natural smile.
9.) Can I wear my glasses? Glasses can catch glare, but if you feel like you won't look like yourself without your glasses on, we will make it work! We can also do some with them on and some with them off.
10.) How do I book hair & makeup? When you request your booking, please leave a note stating which HMU service above you would like. When I approve your booking, I will let you know what time to arrive for your HMU. So, your headshot might be booked for a certain time on my booking app, but I will likely ask you to come in earlier for your HMU application.
11.) Can I get my HMU done elsewhere? Absolutely, you can get it done anywhere you'd like. Just make sure you're not late!
12.) Can you retouch wrinkles, blemishes, scars, etc? I can remove/retouch any and all skin imperfections including but not limited to wrinkles, pimples, dark spots, bags under your eyes, uneven skin tone, veins, bruises, rosacea, red eyes, out of place hairs, etc. You are welcome to make requests and I will do my best to meet them.
13.) Can you give me a tan? Not really. I can increase the saturation (color) of your skin, but I cannot give you a tan. It will make you look orange.