New England Patriots Cheerleader Photos

Published 03/21/2016


Meet the incredible Miss Kaylynn!

I've known this beauty for 10yrs and it has been such an honor to watch her grow into the lovely young lady she is today.

Kaylynn is an outstanding dancer. She's competed all over New England and even Germany to show off her skills. What an accomplishment! Watching her dance has literally brought me to tears! She is so full of passion and nothing lights me up more than someone who truly LOVES what they do. Now that she's grown and off to college, she's decided to pursue her dream of holding one of the coveted New England Patriots cheerleading positions! I can't tell you how excited I was when she called me and said that I had to be the one to do the pictures for her!

She and her mom, who happens to be one of my best friends, came to the studio on a Sunday and we had such a great time together taking these shots. (They're ridiculous, aren't they?) Kaylynn's talents far exceed anything I've ever seen. First of all, she's drop-dead gorgeous AND humble. Second of all, she's extremely smart and talented and as if that wasn't enough, she also rocks an amazingly genuine personality and has impeccable manners and values. Stand in line'll have to pass a serious test to date this one!

For her photo submissions we started with a professional head shot and then a more casual one. These are always good to have for anything. Kaylynn's bangs didn't want to cooperate but after about 100 clicks we finally got it! She looks amazing in the red blazer might I add!


Next up was the elusive full length bikini portrait. Ok, you can stop drooling any time now, folks! Girl's got legs for days! A lifetime of dancing and eating right will keep you in that kind of shape. She totally rocked it and mom & I were in disbelief that this was our "little girl" in front of us!


 Lastly, we ventured outside for some impressive dance poses! I'm always in awe of what she can do! When I say she "effortlessly" swung her leg straight up in the air like that I am NOT exaggerating in any way whatsoever! Effortless is an understatement. And she does it with such grace.


When the shoot was over she gave me a big hug and we jumped up and down in excitement for this once-in-a-lifetime moment of hers. But then......she actually tried breaking out her wallet. Oh no, I don't think so girlfriend! I just couldn't have it! Not this time! This girl is like a daughter to me and the joy it brought me just to do this photo shoot for her was all the payment I needed. I refused to take her money and wished her all the luck in the world! I love you honey, keep following your dreams and they will come true!

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