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Published 04/03/2016

Hello Pretty Bride!

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We are excited to tell you about something new we are offering with our custom packages and why you shouldn't hesitate to do it! It's the "Iconic Bridal Portrait."

The bridal portrait is a separate portrait of the bride taken before the wedding day which accomplishes two things: The bride get to see herself photographed in her fitted dress with her hair and makeup done.
Every bride has a final fitting and a final hair and makeup trial for her big day. Seeing yourself in the mirror at the hairdressers in plain clothes is much different than seeing yourself in a photograph.
A lot of times women decide they want to make changes to their style after seeing the portrait. Perhaps that makeup is a little darker than you thought it was or that lip color isn't quite colorful enough, or maybe it was a better idea after all to put your hair up rather than leave it down. There are no do overs on your big day so being as prepared as possible is key and this portrait can definitely help you do just that!
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The bridal portrait also helps to removes some stress from the wedding day. There are countless things to accomplish that day and most of the time we are really just hoping we can fit all of it into our tight schedule. When you and your bridesmaids are getting ready many things can go wrong. Maybe your zipper breaks, this one can't find her earrings, that one can't find her shoes, this one is running late, or the entire ordeal is running behind.

Before you know it we're jumping in the limo 10 minutes behind schedule to get to the ceremony and we still haven't taken any photos of JUST YOU. After all, it really is all about the bride. YOU are the star of this show and should be treated (and photographed) as such! By taking your portrait ahead of time, you eliminate the need to carve out extra time for it on the wedding day. If we have time to take some great photos, fabulous. If not, it's no big deal because we already got that done!

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  • The bridal portrait is one hour session 
  • Make a list of all the items you should pack
  • Includes ALL retouched images for $500
  • The session can be held at the studio or a nearby location of your choice
  • Stacy will fit the bride in her dress and then the 1 hr portrait will take place
  • Even paint your nails the color you plan to have them on the wedding day. Every detail matters
  • We suggest making this session a replica of your big day so plan to book your portrait the same day as your final hair and makeup trial
  • Bring your shoes, garter, veil or any other head piece you plan to use, the jewelry you plan to wear, extra make-up for touch ups

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